Mikme is a wireless microphone and audio recorder that aims to set a new standard for portable recording. It promises to deliver studio quality audio wherever you are which is a pretty big claim. Any of you use portable audio recorders for whatever purpose will understand that you tend to sacrifice sound quality for convenience. Chances are for most, that’s an acceptable trade off because it’s what we are used to. However, if it doesn’t have to be then Mikme could be an absolute star.

First Impressions

When the Mikme arrived on our desk it was clear that the team have given a huge amount of attention to detail. The packaging is super cool & sleek and an indication of the standard Mikme are aiming for.

The microphone itself keeps up the super cool image. it’s lightweight but very solid feeling with a metal casing & mesh housing so no concerns over build quality.

The interface is nice and simple, one big button on the top to start/stop recording which illuminates in red while in use. On the back you have power, bluetooth and volume buttons along with micro USB and mini jack connectors.

Studio quality on the go

Ok so now to the important stuff. The Mikme offers 24bit, 96khz audio – for a portable audio recorder that’s pretty incredible. When you record in high quality it’s usually in a controlled environment, this helps you get the most out of the microphones quality. recording on the go you don’t get that luxury so how does the Mikme get the best out of its high end components.

The impressive gold plated 1 inch, true condenser capsule wouldn’t be uncommon in high end studio microphones. The capsule is mounted in spider suspension much like you’d mount your studio mic. This helps capture more of the sound you want and less of the sound you don’t. So while any portable audio recorder will pick up ambient noise the Mikme goes a long way towards ensuring your primary content is nice and clear.

We tested this out on a fairly windy day in Kelvingrove park, Glasgow.

The Mikme comes with 16gb of internal storage which equates to 360 hours of mp4 or 36 hours of wav audio. So, for any impromptu recording or outdoor/event session you have more than enough space. The rechargeable battery gives up to 3 and a half hours of use which again should be more than enough. The battery can be charge by connecting to any USB charging device via the provided micro USB. When connected to your laptop or desktop computer the Mikme will show up just like any external hard drive does for easy drag and drop file management.

The Mikme App

As well as using the Mikme as a standalone recorder you can also connect it to your iPhone using the Mikme app. The downside to the app, if there is any, is that you get 44.1khz CD quality audio rather than 96khz. Now think of that in comparison to other portable audio recorders, is CD quality audio really a down side? hardly.

The thing that I loved about the app straight away was that it worked!. Let me explain, I’ve used a multitude of bluetooth connectivity apps and you spend so much time looking at “device connecting” or “searching for device. With the Mikme, turn it on, turn on bluetooth, open the app and you’re connected. Every time  it works as it should, that’s to be expected but it’s not always delivered with some products. It’s just something else that highlights the work that went into developing this product.

Using the app has a few benefits, you can start/stop recording remotely from your iPhone. You can record video from your iPhone through the app and it will sync the audio from the Mikme to your video. This feature is fantastic if you are a vlogger.

The app comes with an x/y pad style mixer where you can drag the curser to find the right blend of your audio. If you record video there are some fun built in FX and options to export your movie, audio only, upload to iTunes & save to dropbox.

Who would use Mikme?

In the creative industries especially there are many applications for audio recorders. Whether you are creating something original or just documenting events. For example, if you attend events and want to record interviews or guest speakers then Mikme will do that perfectly clear. If you are a vlogger, the combination of Mikme and the app could become an integral part of your setup. Having the app sync your audio & video could be a massive time saver if you create a lot of content.

Because the capsule used in the Mikme is such high quality adds another dimension that regular audio recorders don’t have. The Mikme is great for recording vocals and instruments. It’s not going to replace the best studio microphones for this purpose but it isn’t trying to either. Where Mikme shines is capturing beautiful live performances. Whether in a studio or outdoors, if you want to capture everything on one mic then Mikme does it, and does it very very well. Mikme have some awesome videos showing it’s use with musicians, check them out here.

There are really too many applications to list but if you create and you care about audio quality then you have use for the Mikme.


The Mikme is extremely well made and extremely good looking. Of course looks don’t matter over substance but if you can have both then why not. The audio quality is unrivalled in this type of device so in that sense the Mikme does what it set out to do and has set a new standard. Audio quality aside, what I love about this audio recorder is how simple everything is. As I mentioned, the packaging is really sleek and this theme continues through the whole user experience. The Mikme controls are really simple and clean, the app is really simple and clean. This doesn’t come by accident it comes from incredible attention to detail in development and it shows.

At $399/€399 the Mikme is far from the cheapest portable audio recorder on the market. On the surface it’s a fairly expensive product but it depends how you look at it. If you just like to record now and then for fun then the price may seem steep but if you are a more serious creator and understand the difference in quality, suddenly the price doesn’t seem so expensive.

Mikme is a product built on passion by people who Clearly know what they are doing. I love it.

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